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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

La Tahzan...worK harder..hardestt!!

Alhamdulillah..2 midsem paper was done..for Ocular disease 2,,the question is so 'serabai mabai'..there was Mcq+objective+essei Q..the obJective part is like Mcq many choice..but i need just to choose one,,huhuuu,,hopefully,,it was right answer..the MCQ question from Br Afzam is very2 details..i'm supposed remember everything in his notes,, usual..the same mistake,,i just read n read,,not study for each point.same as Br Muzi Q.everything is inside the notes,,but must remember everything..natijahNye,,aser sume statement TRUE..hahahaa..The moral is..focus on each point thought by lecturer,,YES...
~~fOr essay part..there was 4 question from DR Ahmed..i'm not sure whether my answer for 'sign n symptoms of ophthalmia arterial occlusion' make sense or not..just tiBai..i just remember a few point..i'm supposed REBUS KANSKI n DRINK IT..ahaaaaaa~~the rest of Q is ok but hopefully Dr xpening baca my essay..huhuhu..DONE OCULAR DISEAsE..

...OHH MY GOD!!!!...the question looks very straight fward n simple..BuT..the technique of answering must be correct.."saya sangat cuaiiiii..veryy silllyyy22 mistake....uwaaaaaaaa....sad..sad...sad.."my paed paper is falling down..falling down..."
Tq to Br Muziman..he thought me to be careful n TERPERINCI...we had discuss the answer right after the exam..huaaaHuaaaa....My ResulT is..???jenG3...padan mukaaa...should be more creative n critical thinking to solve n manage the Pead cases...congrats to all my frens who pass the paper successsffulllyy..huhuu..La tahzan for Me..(uwaaaaa..uwaaaaa)...

REMIND ME : 8months old baby..anisometropic amblyopia..
- give CL(undercorrect by 4.00D)-full time
- TCA : every 1 months..
- Patching..patch the good eye to stimulate amblyopic eye..


izzati nawawi said...

selamat berjuang sahabatku..
sekali jatuh.. tak semestinya terus jatuh.. terusakanlah berusaha.. agar... natijahnya dapat kau ratah kelak.......

IOPTOSS said...

Itu lah hakikat nya dalam managing pediatric case...look likes so simple and straight forward, hakikat nya tak sesenang yg disangka.tu baru study cae blum jumpa real pt lg...

tips:always make a right diagnosis and think precisely to make a decision in pead

muziman syah